Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ubiquitous Communication a first look

In this post I am going to discuss the ubiquitous mobile communication and the impact his new form of communication has on our everyday relationships.  Ubiquitous communication is a new form of communication that has developed through technology. It is communication that is unrestricted by time or place, meaning for this type of communication it does not matter who the audience is or where they are located. For example when you tweet a message on twitter you are not necessarily directing your tweet at someone specific however many people can see what you are tweeting. This is not a new form of communication more of a new form of delivering your message. Goggin article says, like the personal computer, ubiquitous computing will enable nothing fundamentally new, but by making everything faster and easier to do...But ease of use makes an enormous difference (Goggin p. 150).

We have always had the ability to communicate ubiquitously, the difference now is that it is so easy that we may not understand the impact the things that we communicate or don’t communicate. When we communicate ubiquitously we have to understand that to others what how we communicate online is how many other get an impression of who we are. Josgrilberg says, it is first of all crucial to reiterate that everyone inhabits different places at the same time. For instance, we inhabit the place of the media, family, religion, group of friends, each of them with their own power relations and references, or authorities, in an apparent equilibrium. (Josgrilberg). If it is our intention to begin communicating ubiquitously through Facebook, Twitter, and other services it has become apparent that we need to monitor what we communicate.

To reflect, ubiquitous communication enables us to give express our interest, opinions, and thoughts more freely than ever before. This is one of the many freedoms we enjoy as Canadians. It is one of the coolest things to be able to tweet CBC news and be able to discuss your thoughts on current events. You can choose to communicate using your true profile or a fake profile. When using a fake profile, there are absolutely no limits or constraints to communicate ubiquitously online. However, when using your real profile you are constricted society, if you say something that “society” deems bad you can be held accountable for your actions online. SO BEWARE.   

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