Thursday, 25 October 2012

Minor Blog post - Social Networking

I begin by thinking what social networking sites do I use, and why am I using that site. For me it all began on May 6th 2007 and of course it was because of a girl. Never before had I heard of Facebook, but while talking to my crush on windows live messenger I was told that it was now “hip” to be on Facebook. Of course to impress this girl I signed up for Facebook unaware what I was doing. Facebook really became part of my life when I entered university in September 2009 it was this amazing tool that we all used as a way to keep in contact with the copious amounts of new people that had recently entered my life. I would add such a wide variety of people to become my friend on Facebook because that was the thing to do, that how you knew where the parties were. After a while Facebook became fairly useless to me I had too many friends, I never thought that would be a thing. I realized this when Mr. and Mrs. Random puked all over my Facebook wall with their daily life problems. This is when I stopped posting things on my Facebook and began deleting “friends”. Now I use Facebook responsibly im sitting at 283 friends which I reasonable I think.
I consider a Facebook a fake representation of once true self we create an alter ego like Clark kent (superman’s alter ego). I can become a completely different person using Facebook I can change with the click of a mouse I could become Christian, I could learn to speak German I could become a successful entrepreneur. This is my major problem and the thing that intrigues me the most. At a time of life when I am struggling to define who I want to be and what my goals are I can also fake that I know what I’m doing and where I’m going.       

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