Thursday, 8 November 2012

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I found some of these readings very interesting I like how Frank Webster's article was about the online university experience and its credibility considering this is an online class. Before I read chapter 1 of The Network Society:From Knowledge to Policy by Manuel Castels it really made me think if what age are we in now, the information age or the post information age. the information age being the time after the industrial age when people began working using technologies like computers and robots to perform hard manual labour, meticulous repetitive tasks, and even lengthy mathematical questions. I think when most refer to the post information age they and I believe that this is when human have used technology and the internet as a voice where all opinions can be heard. This gives us a much wider range of perspectives other than the one that is given to us by the media. I believe that these technologies are the direct result of the Egyptian uprising they used the internet and technologies to communicate as an entire society their problem with their government and they rose up and began taking their country back from their government.

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