Thursday, 25 October 2012

Module 2 Major blog posting

Who am I? How do I represent myself? How do others perceive who I am? What am I going to do? These are question very important questions that I am struggling with right now. I am 6 months away from graduating from university with my honor bachelor of business administration. I want the next six months to be wild! I want to party there will be nights that I will not remember there will be few moments of clarity and I will learn many new things about myself and where I am going. However this is my “private” life I need to represent myself as someone who has their life together which do not. Using Social Networking site I can fake it I have been given the ability to create a public profile that represents the person I want to become once I graduate from university. I have begun to manage my public profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook to represent a person that I do not see in the mirror. In emmythomas minor blog posting she says I can sound very formal in online discussions, which is very different from my real-life persona. I feel that the way I portray myself online isn’t “me” at all” this is what we have become a society where it is common to misrepresent ourselves on the internet. We now have the ability to manipulate people first impression of ourselves. 

Facebook has approximately 901 million users as of April 23, 2012 making it the most commonly used social network site in the world. This is the platform that I use to represent myself; I ask myself these three questions before I create a post using Facebook:

               1.      What would my mother say about this
               2.      Is this related to alcohol
               3.      Does this represent myself

 The article “Online Social Networking as Participatory Surveillance” explains how everything we post is available for all to see.  A quote from the article “People themselves are publishing this information in question, free for all to see and collect. Of course, this makes online social networking appear as a “snoop’s dream” (Marks, 2006).” The information we post on these types of websites are not private and I think most users know this. Even though individual know this they still choose to post information on their walls that can be harmful to their image. I have no sympathy for the individual that have lost of compromised relationships based on information they have posted online. Now that I know that my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles can essentially be accessed by anyone I can manipulate the facts and Images to create a personae for myself that would best attract the intended audience irrelevant of fact.
I know that as my search for employment after university begins my online activity will be monitored a searched through by employers searching to confirm my personae. This does not concern me because I am prepared with misleading profile, so go ahead search for my personal information you will find exactly what I hope you do a perfect employee ready to begin his career.

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