Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Contribution to the Online Community

There are hundreds of thousands different threads on the internet that most people can choose to ignore, contribute, or observe. When I reflect on my contribution to online content I first need to identify which online content I access and therefore have given myself the opportunity to ignore, contribute, or observe. There are five main website that I enjoy visit that allow me to engage in online content. These websites are the following: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Reddit, and Youtube. These website give me the ability to both produce and consume online content. The following chart categorizes my contribution to these websites using the criteria to ignore, contribute, or observe these on the content of these websites. 

Produce by: Mark Brown

I would now like to focus on how the three website Facebook, Blogger, and Reddit as these are the websites that I contribute to the online content. By contributing to these websites I mean that I post original or repost material of others and I also make comments and read the comments of others. The reasoning for why I contribute to each website differs from website to website. I contribute to Facebook because all my friends use Facebook for social purposes, it’s a website that I can use to plan events, post pictures, or just let me friends know whats going on. The reason this works so well is because everyone I know has a Facebook account and I know that my posts will be seen by all of my Facebook friends. I post things on Reddit for the exact opposite reason I post things on Facebook. I use Reddit because it gives me that ability to post comments and ideas without anyone knowing or caring who I am. Reddit give me the ability to comments a generic person on the internet. Reddit is my favourite website because it is only user generated content. “In my view, the significant percentage of works you find on these web sites represents the most innovative cultural production done today.” (Manovich) This quote was made for websites like Reddit. Reddit is a website that “media, businesses, consumer electronics and web industries, and academics converge in celebrating content created and exchanged by users.” (Manovich). Finally, I use blogger for this blog it allows me to formulate my thoughts and opinions that my online class wants me to discuss. It works well and allows me to contribute unlike any other class I have ever taken.

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